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Cross-border: working in several countries


Optionally in Kontich (Belgium), Voorburg (the Netherlands) or at your office.

One half-day on a date to be determined in joint consultation

Dutch and English

Maximum 10

€ 575 per training, excl. VAT

An increasing number of employers are working with employees who work across the border, or alternate between various countries. Especially when your business is established in the border region. Or when you have field staff that can just as easily serve the clients or prospects in the neighbouring country. That’s fine, because this will enlarge your range. However, you will have to make sure that your personnel and payroll administration is correct. And that your employees know what to expect. There is nothing more annoying than being faced with problems, additional tax assessments or fines in the event of a check of your records. Or, in case of long-term illness or dismissal of your employees, finding out that premiums were paid in the wrong country. As a matter of fact, working across the border often has consequences for where taxes and social insurance premiums are payable.

target group

This training is eminently suitable for HR, payroll or finance employees of businesses that are dealing with cross-border workers, but do not have in-house expertise with regard to the related tax, social and legal aspects.

Organisations with a referring or advisory role in the area of cross-border personnel affairs are also cordially invited to participate.


During a half-day session we will list the major consequences in the area of social security and employment law for you. We will answer the following questions, among others:

  • In which country is the employee covered by social insurance?
  • Which employment law applies?
  • Where is tax to be withheld and paid for the employee?
  • Are there any tax advantages associated with the cross-border activities, through what is known as a salary split?
  • What are the practical consequences of working across borders for my (payroll) administration and what concrete measures should I take?

At the end of this training you will have an idea of the possible consequences and/or advantages of working across borders. You will also know in what situations you will have to take action to prevent problems with the official authorities and your employees.


Please contact Birgit Killens for information about the contents of this training.

If you wish to schedule a Working in several countries training, please send an email to

We will then contact you as soon as possible to set a suitable date and determine the location together with you.


  • For the time being, we only offer this training in a tailor-made format, at your office or at one of our locations in Belgium or the Netherlands. Because of the nature of the training we apply a maximum number of 10 participants.
  • The set price is a fixed price, regardless of the number of participants.
  • We do not charge any travel time or travel expenses for a training at our Voorburg location. If the training is given at our location in Belgium or at your own location, the trainer’s travel time will be charged at a rate of € 95 per hour, excluding VAT, and travel expenses at € 0.49 per kilometre.

Naar keuze in Kontich (België), Voorburg (Nederland) of bij u op kantoor.

Een dagdeel, in onderling overleg vast te stellen datum

Nederlands en Engels

Maximaal 10

€ 575 per training, exclusief BTW

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