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Doing business in the Netherlands


Would you like to open a branch or hire personnel in the Netherlands?

If you decide on expanding your activities into another country, choosing the right approach is essential. Deciding to set up a branch right out of the gate entails more than just incorporating an entity and requesting a taxpayer number. If you are also hiring personnel, it is not sufficient to set up a payroll administration system and pay social insurance premiums and taxes. After all, all countries have supplementary schemes and rules mitigating certain employer and employee risks.

If you are not aware of the regulations and customs in the Netherlands, you will be confronted with issues that you are unable solve immediately.

Read more about this topic on the website of the official institutions that we have listed for you:

“We are proud of having successfully assisted foreign companies with personnel in cross-border issues for 45 years now. We provide you with reactive and pro-active advice, preventing you from falling into traps with major financial consequences."

Why choose Interfisc?

  • Knowledge of local and international legislation relating to setting up a company, compliance, employment law, taxes, social insurance, employee benefits, and health, safety and wellbeing;
  • A single personal point of contact for all your questions regarding the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and the United Kingdom;
  • Assistance from A to Z for all your cross-border steps;
  • We keep you informed of updates of local legislation and regulations, providing practical solutions enabling you to immediately implement the changes in your operations.

Let’s get started!

We have in-house expertise to show you the ropes in cross-border work situations and unburden you completely regarding international payrolling. Based on the right starting points and payment of the correct amounts in social insurance premiums and wage tax or payroll tax in the correct countries.