Interfisc UK | Financial accounting in the Netherlands or Belgium? Interfisc is happy to assist you!
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Financial accounting


We offer this service in:

Are you looking for a solution for your financial accounting needs abroad?

If you have an office abroad, you are subject to a host of requirements. The tax rates are different and each country has specific rules relating to financial accounting.

In the Netherlands, the bookkeeping should be in line with sound business practice (consistent application and certain freedom in how to determine profit). In Belgium, the law strictly regulates the format of the accounting system.

Many companies already have their hands full with the financial accounting in their home country and the associated obligations. If you do not want to burden your financial department with the associated administrative obligations abroad, we are ready to assist you.

You can outsource the following to us:

  • Setting up your financial accounting;
  • Submitting periodical VAT & ICP tax returns;
  • Booking all incoming and outgoing invoices in our accounting system;
  • Naturally, we will support your accountant in case he has questions about the rules concerning booking certain invoices;
  • Preparing a balance sheet and profit & loss account;
  • Preparing minutes of the annual shareholders meeting insofar applicable;
  • Preparing and submitting certain financial documents, such as a balance sheet or annual financial statements, to the competent local authorities;
  • Preparing and submitting the corporate income tax return.

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