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Make sure that you are adequately insured abroad!

Are your employees adequately insured? Both you and your employees run (financial) risks during work: in case of occupational disability, accidents, sick leave. The local authorities protect employees with basic cover based on social insurance. As an employer, it is up to you to consider supplementary insurance for any additional risks or benefits.

This is different in each country. For example: in the Netherlands, the supplementary employer pension is a key component of the employee benefits package; in Belgium this is covered by group insurance, and in the United Kingdom you are required to register the employees with a pension fund (auto-enrolment).

Based on good employment practices, the employer is easily held liable for losses and injuries with respect to your employees if an insurance policy turns out inadequate to cover a loss event. Or if an accident happens, irrespective of your liability or if the accident is classed as work-related. Losses also include loss of income of your employees.

We can explain which insurance policies you are by law required to have, and we issue advice on supplementary insurance. This prevents you from incurring unnecessary risks and enables you to offer a market level employee benefits package to your employees. Even to employees working across the border.

You can outsource this to our own insurance intermediary in the Netherlands:

  • Non-binding advice report concerning income and sick leave;
  • We compare insurance providers for you;
  • Pension and other advice tailored to your situation;
  • Information provided to your employees;
  • Periodical assessment to check if the scheme is still appropriate for your situation;
  • Insurance management and administration including settlement of claims;
  • We will inform you of any major amendments in rules and regulations.

In other countries, we cooperate with external parties. We are happy to connect you with them.