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Brexit matters


Our solutions in the Netherlands
& Belgium

  • Setting up your business
  • Financial administration & compliance
  • Payroll & leave administration
  • Insurances
  • Sickness & disability
  • Legal & Tax advice
  • Individual income tax, compliance & tax optimisation for expats

Moving business & staff to the Netherlands or Belgium?

Should Brexit make you decide to move your company to a different country, then it will involve more than setting up a business, producing a salary specification and paying social insurance premiums & taxes. After all, every country has additional regulations with which you can cover certain employer and employee risks.

As a British company, possibly unfamiliar to the rules & customs in the Netherlands or Belgium, you are confronted with questions to which you do not immediately have the answer.

We are proud of having successfully guided foreign companies with staff across the border for more than 45 years. Reactively ánd proactively we provide you with advice, thus protecting you from pitfalls with great financial consequences.

Why choose Interfisc?

  • Knowledge of local ánd international legislation regarding company set-up & compliance, employment law, taxation, social security, compensation & benefits and health & safety
  • A personal & single point of contact for all your questions regarding both countries
  • Support from A to Z in all your steps across the border
  • We keep you informed of relevant changes in local legislation and offer you practical solutions that you can immediately implement in your daily practice.

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