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Interfisc, more than just payroll


Welcome to Interfisc’s world of cross-border work!

Since 1972, Interfisc has offered international HR & Payroll solutions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Italy. We do this from our offices in the Netherlands and Belgium, and with an international team of around 45 committed and caring employees.

These are our solutions:

What makes us tick

We ensure that employers can also operate as good employers abroad. In conformity with the local rules and customs in the country where their employees work. By offering clear, low-threshold solutions and information in various languages, we facilitate international employment and international business practices.

The internationalisation of the labour market offers new opportunities to both employers and employees, but local differences in legislation and culture are often underestimated and cause a lack of clarity and problems in practice. Thanks to our origin as a family business, founded in 1972 by Robert Mahieu, deputy manager of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce at the time, we have gained extensive experience in identifying bottlenecks in international employment. Finding practical solutions for them became second nature to us and has inspired us to this very day. Pioneering is in our DNA, and we are solution-oriented, resourceful, and caring.

We represent the interests of employers with employees in cross-border employment, and ensure that the correct premiums and taxes are paid in the right country. This results in a ‘win-win-win-situation’ for the employee, the employer as well as the respective governments.

Why we do this?

We do this to make sure that when doing business internationally, you are not impeded by any lack of familiarity with complex local and international rules. Though employers are expected to fully know and apply the laws and regulations with regard to staff matters, this is not always possible, especially in the event of cross-border employment of staff. In that case, you should be able to rely on a strong partner who has all knowledge available in-house. At Interfisc, we care for your employees abroad, so you will be able to fully focus on you core business.

How we do this

Thanks to our “5 pillar-model” we ensure that your international payroll runs smoothly.

Creating a payslip seems easy, but involves quite a lot in practice. Especially in the case of cross-border employment. Based on our many years of experience and expertise, we have developed a “5 pillar-model” to make this clear.

Our 5 pillar-model shows how employment law, social security, taxes, employee benefits and health & safety in combination with each other impact the creation of a payslip. As we include all these pillars in our services, in several countries, this will result in a correct payslip and personnel management.

In short, we take care of it all for you.

In addition to payroll we have a lot more to offer, namely:

  • Thorough knowledge of local rules on employment law, social security, taxes, employee benefits and health & safety
  • We keep you informed of changes in local legislation, supplemented with practical solutions
  • One point of contact for all your questions
  • Expert in cross border payroll solutions since 1972
  • We speak your language!

Pioneer since 1972

Originally, Interfisc is a Belgian family business, founded in 1972 by the late Robert A.E. Mahieu. Robert Mahieu was deputy manager of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce at the time, and came up with the brilliant idea to establish the first Belgian “social secretariat” in the Netherlands. A social secretariat in Belgium is an organization that handles a number of administrative tasks for other companies or employers. It concerns the combination of services in the domain of payroll and human resources activities as well as social legal advice.

In addition to the need to be able to fall back on the trusted concept of a social secretariat abroad, right from the start our Belgian customers needed solutions for various practical problems they encountered when doing business abroad. For example, it proved impossible for an Belgian employer without a branch in the Netherlands to implement important employee benefits such as a company car or an old-age provision. Until this very day, these are things that are often far from self-evident for employers in one country with staff in another country.

Together, solution-oriented and caring

For many decades, we have taken such problems as starting points for developing practical solutions. You won’t hear us say “no” very soon, we like to get our teeth into difficult issues. To celebrate our 45th anniversary, we described various examples of such bottlenecks. They were bunded in a colourful publication “Welcome@Interfisc 1972 – 2017; from social secretariat to expert in cross-border employment”. Want to read more? Request your copy of this book here (in Dutch).

Interfisc is unique because of the combination of services and the helicopter view through which we connect our services. Together, solution-oriented and caring are core values that set us apart. We want to provide our clients with the best solution. This is only possible if we as experts act together.

Nowadays we have extensive knowledge and expertise, and many of our people have been involved with Interfisc for a very long time. This ensures recognition and trust with many of our customers.

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