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Payroll in the Netherlands

Payroll for employees in the Netherlands

Do you have remote employees or a local sales team in the Netherlands? Not happy with your current global payroll provider or employer of record? Please allow us to introduce you to our full-service payroll solution at Interfisc.

Employing staff in the Netherlands

Are you considering employing permanent or temporary staff in the Netherlands? Than make sure you are well informed on the obligations you should fulfil.

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When searching the internet for ‘payroll Netherlands’ or ‘hiring employees in the Netherlands’, Google will overwhelm you with companies offering global payroll or payrolling solutions, employer of record service, payroll service, umbrella services and so on. The list is endless. With all these options for hiring employees in the Netherlands, many foreign companies do not see the wood for the trees. That’s why we at Interfisc would like to make this complex matter clearer for you, allowing you to make the best choice for your organisation and for your employees in the Netherlands.

Interfisc offers a full-service payroll solution that allows you to hire your own (remote) employees in the Netherlands and set up your own Dutch payroll administration. With or without having a local entity in the Netherlands.

Your foreign company will be registered as a wage tax withholding agent, allowing you to hire your own employees.

Whether your international company does or doesn’t have a local entity in the Netherlands, we at Interfisc can also help you to take out additional insurances and cover your obligations regarding occupational health & disability (sick leave management, handled by what is called a certified Arbodienst in the Netherlands), minimizing the risks that you run as an employer.

The more services you buy from Interfisc, the easier it will be for you to ensure smooth monthly payrolling for your employees in the Netherlands.


  • Interfisc keeps your payroll administration systems up to date, ensuring correct payment of taxes and social insurance premiums to the right institutions in the Netherlands.

  • Payrolling via Interfisc gives you the certainty that all regular administrative obligations are automatically set for compliance without requiring any action from you. This includes:

– communication with the Dutch authorities
– tax returns and wage tax or social insurance premium payment in the Netherlands
– payment of net wages to your employees in the Netherlands.

  • In the Netherlands employers are required to take into account different expiry terms and limits for statutory holidays and additional leave, requiring separate leave registration. Our online leave accounting module makes it quick and easy for your international company to do the internal accounting for leave of your Dutch employees.

  • Do your Dutch employees also work in Belgium, Germany or other European countries? We also handle (split) payrolls in Belgium, Germany, France, UK and Italy. Interfisc will ensure that taxes and social insurance premiums are withheld and/or paid in the right countries to avoid any unpleasant surprises for your organisation and for your employees abroad.

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Since 1972, Interfisc has offered international HR & Payroll solutions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Italy. We do this from our offices in the Netherlands and Belgium, and with an international team of around 45 committed and caring employees. 

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