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Personnel in the Netherlands


Webinar in the English language:
– Thursday 21st September 2023 (module 2)
– Tuesday 26th September 2023 (module 1)

Location Kontich (BE):
Seminar in the Dutch language:
– 9th March 2023 (module 1)
– 14th March 2023 (module 2)
– 8th June 2023 (module 1)
– 13th June 2023 (module 2)

Cost per module: € 375, excl. VAT

Many of our clients indicate a need for rather more knowledge of legislation in the Netherlands in areas such as employment and dismissal law, social security and taxation as well as incapacity for work. Partly in view of the enormous number of regulations and the substantial differences between Dutch law and that of the surrounding countries it is often difficult for employers to find their way through this confusion of regulations. As a result, the relationship between employer and employee sometime comes under pressure.

To accommodate this, we organise English training sessions on Personnel in the Netherlands, online as a webinar or at our office in Kontich (BE) or Voorburg (NL).  The training is extremely useful for you as an employer when you have employees paid out in the Netherlands working under Dutch contract, whereas your company is located in another country. Because of the small-scale nature of the workshop, a great deal of attention can be devoted to individual issues and practical examples.

Target Group

This seminar is extremely suited for non-Dutch employers with employees who work wholly or partly in the Netherlands. On the basis of their expertise our specialists will explain the various topics and ´bring them to life using frequently occuring situations and pitfalls. This will enable you on the one hand to acquire more knowledge of the regulations in the Netherlands but also to obtain a better understanding of Dutch people in general, something which can ultimately only benefit communication and hence also collaboration

Workshop program

Our experience shows that following an all day course cannot always be combined with one’s own work or home situation. That is why we now offer the workshop ‘Personnel in the Netherlands‘ in 2 modules on different dates. You can register for each module, depending on your requirements.

See below the topics per module which we will discussed and questions answered on the basis of practical examples.

Online Webinar in English : Personnel in the Netherlands

Module 1:
– Social security & taxation in the Netherlands
– Incapacity for work, health & safety
– Presentation René de Veth

Cost per module: € 375, excl. VAT

Module 2:
– Employment law in the Netherlands
– Law relating to dismissal in the Netherlands
– Presentation Roelof Bos

Cost per module: € 375, excl. VAT

Workshop data:
– Thursday 21st September 2023 (module 2)
– Tuesday 26th September 2023 (module 1)

From 09.30 hrs. to 12.15 hrs. – online 

Workshop in Dutch: Personeel in Nederland

Workshop data – location Kontich (BE):
– Thursday 9th March 2023 (module 1)
  from 09.30 hrs. to 12.15 hrs.

– Tuesday 14th March 2023 (module 2)
  from 11.00 hrs. to 14.30 hrs.

– Thursday 9th March 2023 (module 1)
  from 09.30 hrs. to 12.15 hrs.

– Tuesday 14th March 2023 (module 2)
  from 11.00 hrs. to 14.30 hrs.


  • For the workshop we apply a maximum of 10 participants. 
  • Coffee/tea, soft drinks and a syllabus is included in the price.
  • On registration, for our webinar as well as our workshop on location, your will receive an invoice for payment.  Cancellation is free of charge until 3 days before the workshop.  Please use our contactform or mail us at Please ensure to cancel in time! In the event of absence without written or verbal cancellation, 100% will be charged, you are obliged to meet this payment.


For further information concerning the content of this training please contact René de Veth or Roelof Bos by telephone 0031 (0)70 313 3000 or e-mail

Workshop data:
In English:
21st September 2023 (module 2)
26th September 2023 (module 1)

Cost per module:
€ 375,-  excl. VAT

On location:
Voorburg, Netherlands

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