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Sick leave and occuptional disability in the Netherlands

Occupational disability & Statutory Sick Pay in the Netherlands

As an employer in the Netherlands, you are responsible for continued payment of wages for two years if an employee is ill. You are also required to have a contract with a certified occupational health service (arbodienst).

Employing staff in the Netherlands

Are you considering employing permanent or temporary staff in the Netherlands? Than make sure you are well informed on the obligations you should fulfil.

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As opposed to many other countries, employers in the Netherlands have a much more extensive responsibility when their employees are on sick leave. Both from a financial as well as from an operational point of view. The Dutch government has privatized the Statutory Sick Pay schemes, making employers responsible for the payment of salary to and re-integration into the workplace of their employees. There are major consequences for employers if they are in any way non-compliant. At Interfisc, we make sure that you know what to do if your Dutch employee is reporting sick.


Our sick leave guidance subscription has been set up specifically for employers who do not have their own ‘sickness absence expert’. Thanks to the services of Interfisc, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of. We help many foreign employers with staff in the Netherlands to fulfil their obligations. We take into account the differences between what you are used to in your own country and what is expected of you in the Netherlands.

A few examples of the services included in our sick leave guidance subscription:

  • Processing sick leave and health notifications.
  • Our ‘sickness absence counsellors’ monitor the situation when an employee reports sick. If necessary, they will schedule appointments for you and your staff with our network of company doctors and other specialists in accordance with the applicable regulations.
  • In the event of incapacity for work, we proactively inform you and your employee of every step you need to take in accordance with Dutch legislation so that you don’t forget anything.
  • We offer proactive advice regarding absence from work, advice to prevent illness and absence, clear communication between our specialists and your company, personal contact.
  • To inform your employees about their and your obligations regarding sick leave and to make clear arrangements, you can use our sample sick leave protocol, available in Dutch, French, English and German.
  • You will receive an up-to-date absenteeism overview whenever you need it.
  • We report frequent absences due to illness if this is the case.
  • Use of our online app, where you can view your file at any time.
  • Administrative support with the Dutch authorities (UWV) and sick pay insurance.
  • If you wish, you can instruct our case manager to keep a close eye on your obligations as an employer in the event of long-term absence. For example, drawing up and evaluating the action plan and preparing the re-integration into the workplace report and other documents. We will ask you as an employer to draw these up together with your sick employee if and when needed. 

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