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Care-free switch to a new service provider abroad

Our switch service goes well beyond simply taking over your payrolling. We help you gain insight into your financial risks and the associated risk control options.

During the switch, we will make an account team available for you, monitoring planning and progress with you, and ensuring that your questions are forwarded to the right person in our organisation.

Are you looking for a new solution for your HR, Payroll & Finance issues abroad? Would you like to make use of this opportunity to design your processes as efficiently as possible? Use Interfisc’s switch service to safely and efficiently switch to an integrated solution for all those elements. In several countries, if you wish.

We can imagine that switching to a new provider cannot be done on a whim. You invested time and money in your current suppliers. Your employees are accustomed to doing things a certain way. The choice of a partnership with a new supplier has extensive ramifications for your employees in their daily work. In short, you are looking for a party taking as much of this burden as possible, ensuring that the switch to a new solution for your HR, Payroll and/or Finance is completed with minimum fuss.

In this switch service, we discern:

  1. We start with a quick-scan of your payrolling to gain insight into existing bottlenecks and risks, for example checking whether all documents are up to date.
  2. Subsequently, we chart in which areas your current payrolling accounts and systems can be optimised, for example the sector in which your business is classed for both CLA and sector-wide pension fund and social security.
  3. Our insurance advisors prepare a fully non-binding advice report regarding your financial risks, ensuring that you understand exactly which risks you run and how to cover such risks. At your request, they also assess your existing insurance policies to see if there is room for improvement.
  1. After the inventory, we discuss the outcomes with you.
  2. Subsequently, you choose how your accounting systems should be structured by us, and the additional items you would wish to outsource to us.
  3. This results in an action plan setting out the agreed actions and a time planning.
  4. We offer support in cancellation of the contracts with your current providers.
  5. We inform the relevant institutions regarding the change of providers.
  6. Specifically for your Dutch payroll administration, the following applies:

    • We will shadow-run the systems for at least 2 months;

    • We will design your digital client environment in accordance with your preferences;

    • We will initially copy your existing fixed components and master data as entered in the current payrolling system. If we detect elements in your system that are incorrect in a fiscal or legal sense during the switch, we will report to you accordingly;

    • We will explain the work methods regarding employee benefits and allowances, ensuring these are in line with the strict rules that apply in most countries (in the Netherlands: the WKR (tax-efficient compensation for work-related expenses).
  1. Training and instruction regarding the services we provide to you, including an explanation of the relevant legislation and regulations.
  2. If you transfer the accounting systems of several countries to us, we will outline the main differences between the relevant countries.
  3. In addition to consultation regarding the structure of the administrative procedure to be implemented regarding the administrative processes, we ensure that you and your employees have manuals and documentation available, ensuring you can make optimal use of the options.

Together, solution-oriented and caring

Since 1972, Interfisc has offered international HR & Payroll solutions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Italy. We do this from our offices in the Netherlands and Belgium, and with an international team of around 45 committed and caring employees. 

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