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Tax advice


Foreign taxes and (international) tax advice

Many SME businesses do not have an internal tax or legal specialist, in spite of the fact that many personnel matters are related to taxes. Particularly in companies dealing with cross-border work and foreign tax liability, you may need international tax advice.

Where a person should pay tax is dependent on international tax treaties. Subsequently, the rules relating to calculation and payment of taxes are different in each country. Due to such local differences, it is not easy for employers to do this first time right. It is important to determine the applicable rules upon the start of employment in order to prevent additional assessments, fines and/or corrections. Also, a work situation may change during the contract term, resulting in changes to the taxes and/or social insurance premiums to be paid.

Many perceive taxes and tax advice as a necessary evil. But it is very important to make sure it is all in order! On one hand to ensure you do not pay too much tax, and on the other to prevent additional assessments, fines and/or corrections.

In order to prevent concerns and ambiguity for yourself and your employees, please contact Interfisc Consult for any questions concerning tax.

We will ensure that you have the right information and assist you in issues such as:

    • Evaluation of your tax liability when working several countries, and advice on tax optimisation;
    • Analysing the tax implications of your temporary projects and/or activities abroad;
    • Providing information and advice relating to the various tax types, the associated rates and deductibles (wage tax, payroll tax, income tax, VAT and tax on profit);
    • Preparing and submitting the tax returns, including the ICP declarations;
    • Handling all communication with the relevant institutions;
    • Providing various documents and declarations for seconded employees and/or expats, including:

– applying for an A1 declaration for working abroad
– configuring and administrative processing of split salary cases for employees working in several countries
– applying for a 30% rule in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands and Belgium, we have our internal tax specialists; in other countries we cooperate with external parties.

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