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'Interfisc is our own trusted point of contact abroad'

We explored the possibility of outsourcing the coordination of our Belgian, French and UK payrolls to Interfisc, so that we would have the month-end closing done faster and that we would have just one provider to turn to when we had questions.

Gert-Jan Haarman,

HR manager, Heuver Den Ham BV in Hardenberg (NL)

“We already had our own business unit with employees in Germany and asked a local office in Germany to takes care of the payroll. As we are fluent in German in our region, this arrangement suits us fine. In some other countries, we also started to employ people and we were looking for a provider that could take care of the payroll administration and be the central pivot between local providers. In short, a provider who is on the ball and who can act swiftly and eficiently in those countries. When a French employee joined our organisation, we came into contact with Interfisc. We met their team at a seminar on regulatory and fiscal consequences of working across borders. That’s how we started working together.

We decided to go into business with Interfisc, we successively transferred the payrolls of the various countries to them and experienced that it is nice to have one trusted point of contact for several countries. The agreements are clear and the employees are very helpful and friendly. In addition, we have experienced that Interfisc is very willing to work out the best solution, also when we start up in another country. Certainly for countries such as France and Italy, where we do not speak the language and where we do not know the rules, it is nice that Interfisc is our own trusted point of contact.”

Gert-Jan Haarman,

HR manager van Heuver Den Ham BV in Hardenberg

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Since 1972, Interfisc has offered international HR & Payroll solutions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Italy. We do this from our offices in the Netherlands and Belgium, and with an international team of around 45 committed and caring employees. 

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