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Consultant and Partner


More information?

Look here to find information regarding the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and the United Kingdom:


As an (international) service provider or administration office, you want to be able to provide your business contacts with solutions for any cross-border issues they may encounter.

Should you encounter complex situations for which expert support is required, our cross-border knowledge and expertise can help you serve your business contacts in an optimum manner.

Here are a few examples of our existing collaborative services:

  • We provide full international payroll administration to a business contact of a British administration office.
  • We provide split-salary remuneration to a business contact of a British accountant firm, including wage tax declarations and payments in the countries involved.
  • We provide employment agreements and pro forma wage calculations for recruitment and selection services that help their business contacts in their negotiations with new (candidate) employees abroad.

Should you see collaborative possibilities here, feel free to contact us to discuss them!


With the help of our international network, we do our best always to provide our business contacts with appropriate solutions to the problems they encounter in connection with cross-border employment.

If we are unable to offer the solution ourselves, we are happy to connect them with one or more of our partners.

Here are a few examples of the services we regularly offer to our business contacts via our partners:

  • Recruitment & selection of sales profiles (sales manager, business development manager, field representatives etc.)
  • Assessments
  • Car lease
  • Mobile telephony & internet
  • Payroll administration in countries where we ourselves do not operate

Do you offer a product or service that gives employers and employees abroad a head-start, but which is missing from our current range of services?
Or do you yourself seek collaboration with a party such as Interfisc in order to make your own service provision more complete? Feel free to contact us to discuss the options!