Interfisc UK | Sick leave and occupational disability working abroad
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Sick leave and occupational disability



In the Netherlands, you are required to have a contract with an occupational health service:

We make sure you know what to do if an employee abroad
is reporting sick.

In the coming years, prevention of sick leave and increasing your employee’s employability are increasingly important. Sick leave and occupational disability are high on the agenda. In many countries, the employer registers with an official institution to be in charge of the employee’s recovery. However, in the Netherlands, the employer has a much more extensive responsibility in this respect. With major consequences if you are in any way non-compliant.

The obligations and customs relating to registration of sick leave and assisting and managing employees on sick leave are different in each country. Full compliance is a heavy burden.

Moreover, occupational disability is very expensive. Not just in terms of the wage of the incapacitated employees; the cost of replacement personnel or reintegration companies and other service providers should also be taken into account. In some countries, fines are added for insufficient recovery support and effort. Paying for a high-quality service provider assisting in keeping the sick leave rate and any sanctions low tends to have a quick return on investment.

We ensure you are fully compliant and monitor the situation together with you. Where necessary, we can connect you with parties that can support you in the unfortunate event that an employee abroad becomes ill.

In the Netherlands, we offer our own certified occupational health service (arbodienst). In other countries, we cooperate with external parties. We are happy to connect you with them.

Interfisc-Arbo BV is a certified occupational health service since 29 November 2000!