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Testimonial Weir Mineral

‘Interfisc offers the convenience of a single point of contact'

Interfisc employs both Dutch and Belgian lawyers, which is a big plus, as there are enormous differences in labour law.

Sabine Tournel,

Office manager, Weir Minerals Ltd. in the Benelux

“We have been a client of Interfisc for ten years now. First our offices were located in Venlo, now we work from Nederweert, both in the province of Limburg in the Netherlands. What we like most about Interfisc is the convenience of having one single point of contact. Interfisc takes care of our payroll activities, the international remuneration and also our absence insurances.

We enjoy working together and have a lot of contact with the payroll people and the legal team. We have often asked Interfisc for advice in recent years. For example, on how to draw up a good employment contract and how best to terminate a contract. We employ many Dutch people and as Belgians we are surprised at the strongly protected employment position of Dutch employees. In Belgium, the situation is quite different. As an employer in the Netherlands, there are much stricter rules that we need to comply with. It is more difficult to terminate or extend contracts, we are expected to play a very active role in the reintegration of sick employees, even if they have already left our employ, and the continued payment of wages during illness is different in the Netherlands. Labour law is a profesional expertise that is best left in the hands of experts. We like to have things settled in the best way possible, both for ourselves and for our employees. It is so nice to have Interfisc to help us with that.

Our branch is too small to have our own HR department. That is why we outsource the payroll and absence administration to Interfisc. We could also have placed our insurances with a large insurance company, but the convenience of one partner to whom we can turn for specialist legal knowledge was decisive for us in our choice for Interfisc.”

Gabriel Marijsse,

Director of Human Resources CFE

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Since 1972, Interfisc has offered international HR & Payroll solutions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Italy. We do this from our offices in the Netherlands and Belgium, and with an international team of around 45 committed and caring employees. 

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