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Personnel in several countries


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Why Interfisc?

  • A single point of contact for all your questions
  • Knowledge of local rules in several countries
  • Updates on changes to local rules
  • Expert in cross-border payrolling since 1972
  • We speak your language!

Personnel in several countries? We offer you a single point of contact for all countries, allowing you to quickly switch without losing time.

For most HR or finance departments, processing the monthly payroll administration is very time consuming. Particularly if you have local personnel in several countries, it is a challenge to keep your international payroll administration up to date and to keep posted about changes. Let alone answering questions asked by your employees.

Some benefits of multi-country payrolling via Interfisc:

Interfisc keeps your payroll administration systems up to date, ensuring correct payment of taxes and social insurance premiums to the right institutions in due order.
Payrolling via Interfisc gives you the certainty that all regular administrative obligations are automatically set for compliance without requiring any action from you.

This would include items such as:

  • communication with official institutions
  • tax returns and wage tax or social insurance premium payment
  • payment of net wages to your personnel

Do your employees perform assignments in different countries?

Then you will want to know about the payrolling implications in advance.
Please note: Every cross-border work situation is different! Also note that taxes and social insurance premiums are not by default paid in the same country. Make sure you and your employees are not confronted with unpleasant surprises. Prevent fines or additional assessments, both in your own country and abroad.

We outline the implications of cross-border work for you, ensuring that taxes and social insurance premiums are paid in due order in the correct country.

Read more about frequently occurring situations concerning international secondment, cross-border work or salary-split.

The local regulations are different in each country!

In principle, local regulations apply to local personnel abroad.

These can be broadly classed into the following areas:

  • Employment law
  • Taxes
  • Social insurance
  • Health, safety and wellbeing at work
  • Cultural differences

Irrespective of having a branch or subsidiary in the relevant country, you need to be aware of the rules and keep your knowledge up to date. We have such knowledge available, and keep you posted of any changes.

A pay slip alone is not sufficient

In addition to preparing your payroll administration, we also keep you posted of any other associated employer obligations abroad. Naturally, we offer suitable solutions such as:

  • Supplementary insurance for both employer and employee
  • Registration of leave
  • Obligations of both employer and employee during sick leave/incapacity for work
  • Legal and tax advice

More information about the local regulations and payroll costs abroad?

We offer our factsheets of various countries. These include information concerning regulations, payroll costs and administrative rules abroad, and are available in the English, Dutch, French and German language.