Interfisc UK | Employee benefits complete your employment conditions package
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Employee benefits


Personnel working abroad? Make it easy for both you and your employees working abroad by using the right employee benefits

Find and bind your employees by including employee benefits in your employment conditions package. Just a good salary and an insurance package are not enough to compete for the best candidates. Employee benefits such as lease cars, mobile telephones and laptops with mobile internet are a must for many employees. If your employees are on the road a lot or have a home office, it is important to ensure that they are mobile and available.

Popular benefits designed to help you

  • company car
  • telephone / internet connection
  • travel or expense allowance
  • teleworking policy
  • allowance for home office
  • flexible working hours

The habits and regulations regarding employee benefits are different in each country. The fiscal treatment and therefore the cost differs too.

We are happy to give you advice regarding a suitable market level employee benefits package for your personnel abroad. For each benefit, we offer a practical solution, taking account of the fiscal implications and conditions in our advice. This ensures you and your employee are operational as quickly as possible.