Interfisc UK | Do you need assistance in your foreign payroll administration? Interfisc helps you!
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Payroll and leave administration


Payroll and leave administration for your personnel abroad

For most HR and finance departments, processing the monthly payroll administration is very time consuming. Some changes should be forwarded to different providers, who each have their own work methods and deadlines. If something goes wrong or you forget to forward an important notification in due order, it will cost more time to correct and to ensure that everyone is up to date again.

Interfisc offers a complete package of HR services that can be added on to the payrolling services. The more services you buy, the easier it will be for you to ensure smooth monthly payrolling.

Do you not have the manpower or knowledge to take care of international payroll administration internally? Or do you wish to centralise all your payroll administrations with a single provider? Then please allow us to introduce you to Interfisc convenience!

Some benefits of multi-country payrolling via Interfisc:

  • Interfisc keeps your payroll administration systems up to date, ensuring correct payment of taxes and social insurance premiums to the right institutions in due order.
  • Payrolling via Interfisc gives you the certainty that all regular administrative obligations are automatically set for compliance without requiring any action from you. This would include items such as:
    – communication with official institutions
    – tax returns and wage tax or social insurance premium payment
    – payment of net wages to your personnel.
  • You can also entrust us with leave administration, providing clear insight to you and your employees. In countries with mandatory recording of leave and/or sick leave on the pay slip, such as Belgium, we can process this for you. In the Netherlands you are required to take into account different expiry terms and limits for statutory holidays and additional leave, requiring separate leave registration. Our online leave accounting module allows you an easy way of internal accounting for leave of your Dutch employees.
  • Do your employees perform assignments in different countries? We can provide correct payrolling in the relevant countries. This is based on ensuring that taxes and social insurance premiums are paid in the right countries to make sure you and your employees are not confronted with unpleasant surprises.
  • In the Netherlands we have our own experts for the services that we offer. In other countries, such as Germany, we work with local specialists to ensure that our services stay up-to-date. Our German payroll administration is conducted by a German Steuerberater.

Why work with Interfisc?

  • A single point of contact for all your questions
  • Knowledge of local rules regarding labour law, tax, social insurance, compensation and benefits (insurance, allowances, cars, telephones), and health, safety and wellbeing at work.
  • We keep you informed of updates of local legislation and regulations, providing practical solutions enabling you to immediately implement the changes in your operations.

Switching payroll provider?

Are you looking for a new service provider? And you are afraid of the administrative burden of the switch? No sweat! Such a change is a great time to streamline your processes. Review the benefits of our switch service!