Interfisc UK | Questions regarding international employment law? Interfisc is happy to assist you!
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Employment law advice


Employment law advice, for your personnel abroad

Many companies, in particular small and medium enterprises, do not have an in-house legal specialist. However, employment law advice is necessary for many human resource matters. Particularly in respect of cross-border work and foreign employment law, you may have practical questions that cannot be answered internally.

Furthermore, employment law and dismissal law are of a mandatory nature in most countries. This means you will have to know exactly which rules are mandatory. For example, in some countries you are required to prepare the employment contract with your employee in a specific language. This may be dependent on the location of the company’s registered seat, or the location where the employee performs his tasks.

In theory, you can independently determine which employment law you follow. However, mandatory provisions such as those concerning termination of employment, incapacity for work and working hours apply pursuant to employment law as imposed in the country where the employee works.

Due to mandatory provisions and local differences, it is not easy for employers to do this first time right. In all phases of your employee’s employment, it is important to make the right choices.

In order to prevent concerns and ambiguity for yourself and your employees, please contact Interfisc Consult for any questions concerning employment law.

We will ensure that you have the right information and assist you in issues such as:

  • Preparing an employment contract and other legal documents (leave regulations, car scheme, personnel manual, work regulations etc.);
  • Assisting in dismissal procedures;
  • Performing a business analysis, ensuring you are aware of the collective schemes that apply to your company;
  • Preparing/requesting various documents and statements for expats.

In the Netherlands and Belgium we have our own employment law specialists; in other countries we cooperate with external parties.