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Starting up across the border


Why Interfisc?

  • A single point of contact for all your questions
  • Knowledge of local rules in several countries
  • Updates on changes to local rules
  • Expert in cross-border payrolling since 1972
  • We speak your language!

Doing business abroad successfully requires choosing the right approach

Hiring a local representative

Many companies choose to hire their own representative working and residing in the relevant country. The benefit is knowledge of the local market and awareness of the do’s and dont’s.

If you are hiring your first employee in a different country, then experience shows you need assistance and advice. After all, you are negotiating with a potential employee who may know more about the local rules than you!

Furthermore, most countries have legal regulations, supplementary schemes and rules mitigating certain employer and employee risks.

Merely paying the statutory contributions and social insurance premiums and issuing pay slips is not adequate for compliance. It is not motivating for your employee, and neither is it sufficient to mitigate your own employer risks.

Are you going to set up your own branch?

If you hire an employee, it is not always necessary to set up a local branch. In some cases it makes sense to do so, and sometimes your own branch comes with tax benefits. In such cases, we are happy to unburden you from the incorporation formalities and administrative requirements.

What should you take into account?

Naturally, international agreements were made concerning doing business abroad. However, compliance with local legislation and regulations is imperative when setting up a branch or hiring personnel. Irrespective of the country of your choice, you will need to obtain in-depth knowledge of the local rules relating to:

  • Employment law
  • Social insurance
  • Taxes
  • Compensation and benefits (insurance, allowances, cars, telephones)
  • Health, safety and wellbeing at work
  • Cultural differences

We have this knowledge available for you internally. We can outline the employer cost for you and unburden you from the administrative employer obligations.

Let’s get started!

Are you not ready to take the step of crossing the border?

Are you still looking for the right employee or suitable commercial space abroad? Please contact us, and we can refer you to one of our partners.