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Corona virus & Interfisc-Arbo’s (company) doctor

Sickness notifications & Corona

Many employers and employees ask us whether or not someone is ill and / or should be reported sick.
The main rule here is that, if the employee is unable to work due to illness, he or she is ill and therefore must be reported sick. Regardless if Corona is diagnosed.
On the other hand, if the employee is unable to work for a reason other than illness (for example government measures, quarantine, no childcare available), he or she is not sick in which case reporting sick is not an issue.

Below you’ll find information about both precautions and continued payment of wages:

What if the employee suspects to be infected with the Coronavirus?

In the unhoped-for event that employees fall ill, they have to stay at home and contact their GP by telephone at first instance. It is not wise to invite them to the consultation hour of the company doctor. The Dutch College of General Practitioners (NHG) has adopted the guideline that an assessment of the complaints is made by telephone at first, to prevent an infected patient from spreading the Coronavirus in the waiting room.

What can the company doctor do in these situations?

The company doctor is not involved in answering the question whether your employee is indeed infected with the Corona virus. This is the role of the GP in consultation with the GGD, in those situations where Corona is suspected and the health situation deteriorates due to, for example, rising temperatures and shortness of breath.
The company doctor mainly has an advisory role. He can advise on (company-specific) preventive measures to prevent contamination and appropriate measures that you as an employer can take if one of your employees is infected. Of course, your employees can also go to the company doctor if they are concerned about the consequences of the Corona virus.

In any case, employees in the Netherlands are entitled to free access to the working conditions consultation hour:
Click here for more information about the working conditions consultation hour (available in Dutch only):

Adapted working method for reporting sick during the Corona crisis

At the moment we are inundated with questions because of the Coronavirus and the amount of sickness reports that we receive daily is much larger than usual. This forces us to temporarily deviate from our regular working method. We are now asking employees who have reported sick to first fill in a personal statement: this inventory makes the process faster, allows us to set priorities and to quickly determine the necessary next steps.

Our consultation hours

In accordance with our current policy, no physical consultation hours can take place. Instead they are all held by telephone. We would like to draw your attention to the possibility of organizing an online consultation hour, via an online video tool: WeSeeDo. WeSeeDo has been specially developed for remote medical consultations and is therefore safe, anonymous and in line with European privacy legislation. In addition, WeSeeDo meets the NEN 7510 standard and ISO 27001 certification.

If you have any questions about how to deal with sick leave and continued payment of wages, you will find a lot of information in our FAQ:

If, as an employer, you need advice, for example about preventive measures, please do not hesitate to contact our company doctor.

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